The Kitchen

“I would forgive everyone at the table. My relatives too” (Oscar Wilde – english writer).


The Hotel Miravalle’s cuisine has always been personally supervised by the Mazzucco Family and is the result of a tradition handed down to subsequent generations for over 50 years.
Today, chefs Christian and Bruno Mazzucco supply their cuisine every day with fresh and quality seasonal local products. They offer year-round specialities of cadorina cuisine and Italian cuisine with of course everything they can do to satisfy your appetite.

The Chefs

Bruno and Christian are the second and third generation of Chefs in the Mazzucco Family. Professional training comes from the hotel school and then trains with experiences of seafood cuisine, the plains of Italy to get to the traditional alpine Dolomites.

“The traditions of our family, the genuineness of the products of our land and of course the special ingredients that we use make us passionate about this profession from time immemorial.“.

“It is said that appetite comes eating, it actually comes to starve! (Totò – Italian actor – in “Totò al Giro d’Italia”).

Ceremonies and Banquets

The unique events that mark our lives are moments that you want to remember with a pleasant memory that remains in time. Weddings dinners with friends or meeting with friends of other times, the place to end these events is at the table, where you share a ritual, that of conviviality, which unites people.

From Religious or Civilian Rites to classy dinners or business dinners, Miravalle Restaurant offers a service that engages our best resources. The restaurant can accommodate between 50 and 70 people, depending on the event and the composition of the furniture. The park and garden of the restaurant offer entertainment, relaxation and fun for children.

The hotel rooms can be an opportunity to spend a few days of real pleasure. advance booking and availability are required in advance.
See also the packages offered, summer or winter prices.


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