DAL 1940

1940 inizio

Our culinary history begins in the 1940s when the young Luigi Mazzucco, not even twenty, dreams of becoming a cook. In his daily life at home he sees the fruits of the earth transformed into dishes that give so much happiness to the guests of the table this convinces him that it is what he will do when he grows up.

The opportunity is not long in coming, with the arrival of the companies that build dams, the men to feed are many and demanding. They ask to eat as at home and even better, maintaining the workplace also depends on their judgment as well as an excellent elbow oil. Luigi Mazzucco is satisfied with the work he does and also with the compliments he receives and begins to have ideas. He undertook a path of learning with the Chefs of the hotels, which flourished at that time in the Dolomite areas such as Auronzo di Cadore, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Misurina, but also Ovaro,

San Giovanni Lupatoto, Milan, Terni, who make him grow and form his culinary experience. After having acquired a culinary baggage that satisfies him, he decides that the time has come to take his own path.


1960 the turning point
In the spring of 1960, with the savings set aside, he bought the Miravalle Hotel and, with his mother Marianna, who was his helper, crowned his dream of becoming a chef.

At the time, tourism was still exclusive to the upper middle classes of society. Guests who come to enjoy our beauties expect. To satisfy the wealthy tourists who come from the big cities, “special ingredients” are needed and Luigi has learned what they are.
Hospitality, honesty, fairness, respect for the guest all ingredients that are never lacking in the work of Luigi and Marianna.


1970 the Family
The 70’s are coming, Luigi has started a family, receives great satisfaction with his activity and in his kitchen prepares his dishes waiting for a novelty that would shortly arrive.
One day the wait ends with the arrival of Bruno, the young son who, after his professional training at the hotel school, immediately enters his father’s kitchen and becomes his assistant, Grandmother Marianna can enjoy a well-deserved rest. Bruno receives all

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family experience and with time and merit also the guidance of the kitchen.


1990 the story continues
The 90s are coming, at the Hotel Miravalle you can breathe the scents of a kitchen that invites you to sit at the table. These are the special ingredients that, since Luigi and Marianna started their business, have always been present in the dishes of Albergo Miravalle, where Bruno prepares them with his young helper and nephew Christian. The young helper who has just arrived is clever and with a great desire to do. He immediately learns which special ingredients are used in the Miravalle kitchen.


2015 the generations
Christian is the third generation of Chefs in the Mazzucco Family. The professional preparation comes from the hotel school and then train with experiences of seafood cuisine, the cuisine of the plains of north-eastern Italy up to the traditional alpine cuisine of the Dolomites. “The traditions of my family, the authenticity of the products of our land and of course the special ingredients that we use at the Hotel Miravalle have made me passionate since I was a child for this job.

Today Christian, with his uncle Bruno, is the Chef of Miravalle, committed daily to serve you the traditional dishes of these magnificent places that give high quality products. Every day they do this, waiting for a young helper to arrive to continue the tradition.


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