Since 1940

1940 inizio

Our gastronomy history begun in ‘40s when the young Luigi Mazzucco dreamed to become a cook. Everyday, at home, he tasted the CSC_0035 (1)great happiness the traditional dishes gave to fellow guests.

So he decided to be a cook.


He started to work at the builders’ cuisine. They wanted to eat as at home. Luigi was satisfied by his job, but he wanted more.

1960 The Change

In the  Spring of 1960 he bought the Hotel Miravalle and , with the help of his Mum Marianna, he realized his dream. The Tourism is growing and guests want to find always something special to delight themselves. So Luigi learns which are the best ingredients for his cuisine.

Ospitality, honesty, correcting and politeness for persons are the main qualities in Luigi and Marianna’s job. San Giovanni Lupatoto, Milano, Terni…
When he thought


1970 The Family

In 1970 Luigi has his family,he works harder receiving satisfaction preparing  best dishes in his cuisine.He is waiting for something new.

So his young son Bruno, after the professional school, become his helper so his Grandma Marianna can relax. Bruno receives all the experience by his family and leads  the cuisine. He worked in many hotels all around: in Auronzo di Cadore, Cortina d’ Ampezzo, Misurina, Ovaro,

to be ready he went by his own way.


1990 The History Continues

In 90’s the Hotel Miravalle improves and the traditional products,  leaved by  Marianna and Luigi, inspired Bruno’s dishes.Now he is helped by his young nephew Christian: a keen and stubborn boy.


2015 The Generation

Christian is the third generation of Chef in Mazzucco’s family.He studied at school but also in many cuisines.Cortina d’Ampezzo, Lignano, Codroipo…

“my family traditions, the natural products are the special ingredients of our cuisine at the Hotel Miravalle so I developed my passion for this job.”


Today christian is the chef of the hotel and with his oncle Bruno,will delight the most demanding and help to rediscover the pleasure of eating.

Now they hope in a young helper to continue their tradition.